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Disc Repair Tips

Here are the steps to successfully repair most bite/puncture marks on a regular Hero disc.

Equipment you'll need:

  • Heat resistant gloves, nonporous type.
  • Torch type hand lighter.
  • Clean cloth.

Note: Not all bite and puncture marks can be repaired. This is only a guide to help repair most trouble spots on your Hero discs.

First, wipe and clean your disc. Next, with gloves on, push back punctured plastic as close as possible into original position. Be careful, as there might be sharp points on the disc, making gloves a necessary tool.

Next, apply a light flame to the affected area. This is to slightly heat the plastic so it becomes somewhat soft and pliable. Not enough heat and the repair won't be effective. Too much heat and you will melt your disc beyond repair. Start slowly at first until you develop a technique.  Some people will find that only using one glove will help with the process of using the torch type lighter. Again, use caution.

Once the disc and affected area have been heated, immediately use your gloved fingers and slowly manipulate the plastic back into its original position. You may need to repeat these steps several times to get a satisfactory result.

If care is taken and the above steps are followed, you should be able to successfully repair your Hero disc for longer lasting fun with your dog!

Again, not all damage to your discs can be repaired. Severe bite/puncture marks and cracks in your discs are not repairable. Always use caution when using heat related equipment!

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